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The site and the application have been designed with utmost care. We have done our best to help you and direct you to

1- A short, safe conversation path

2- Make safe purchases and pay money securely in your country

3- Reserving a hotel room in the country you want to travel to, paying and paying upon arrival

4 – Carrying out cargo shipping operations in modern, safe, risk-free and easy ways, paying the money in your country

5- Purchasing a visa, airline tickets and booking via the website by travel and tourism companies, paying and paying exclusively with travel and tourism companies, and receiving a sealed receipt for that

6- Reservation of the required hospital in the destination country with the translator and medical coordinator that was agreed upon via the website, payment upon arrival

7- Buy containers from shipping line companies, check this with the customs clearance agent in your country via the website, follow the instructions of the customs clearance agent

8- Taxi service, direct contact with the taxi driver, delivery of the agreed amount, when the driver provides services and delivery to the agreed place

9- Selling, buying and renting real estate. There are many and safe ways to pay money. Do not transfer money with you when buying or selling. Please complete this through one of the trusted banks and banks. Make sure you own the property before making the purchase. Beware of scams and fraud

10- Many services + social media platform + ready platform  and many more

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