The Required Conditions

  1. Commitment – honesty – sincerity in work – transparency and clarity .
  2. Collecting information related to all professions .
  3. Submitting an application only once – an application submitted twice will be rejected .
  4. When filling out the form, the information must be correct .
  5. Job title – Data collector and subscription fees from professionals .
  6. The wages for this job depend on your activity and the method of marketing the electronic card
  7. The percentage of profits you will receive will be 25% for each card activated in the world guide .
  8. The percentage of profits you will receive will be between $625 and $6,250 for every 100 electronic cards activated by you .
  9. You will be the person who collects the electronic card data and the card activation fees .
  10. You take 25% of the electronic card activation fee and 75% are sent to the company’s account .
  11. You must review the information required to activate the electronic card and its features. Click here to view and learn more Press Enter here .
  12. You receive wages for your activity throughout the period of activation of the electronic card without interruption .
  13. The more electronic cards you activate, the greater your profits .
  14. When you activate 1,000 electronic cards, you will have a free paid trip at the company’s expense to another country in the same company branch, in order to develop your skills and grow and develop further. You will then be moved from data collector to agent level.
  15. The work includes all countries of the world .
  16. After your application is approved, you must create a promotional video. We will promote this video to you as a support – a video in which you appear in one of the well-known places in your country holding a piece of paper with the company logo printed on it – in which you talk a little about yourself and our global guide services .
  17. The services we provide are global advertisements at a small cost paid annually – for example – factories, hotels, etc. – more than 200 services in the global directory – providing free communication and messaging services – live broadcasting – publishing pages and many others – watch, visit the site.
  18. The data collector must send 75% of revenue to the company when every 10 cards are activated .

World Guide
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